Slow process

So, not a lot to report on Es recovery. It’s been a much slower process than we originally thought. Physical therapy has ceased, but the challenge has been getting back on pointe. The scar tissue has been more severe than originally predicted. E had to make the very VERY difficult decision about auditioning for her #1 choice of summer intensives, Nutmeg Ballet, again. The wonderful artist director knew about her surgery and offered a modified audition. E knew that she wasn’t even close to being ready for an audition. So no intensives for E this year. It was part disappointing, part relief. She was told to carefully listen to her body and not push past the pain, but take getting back to dancing slowly.

But there are some good things happening. With a new studio, yet long-time teacher, E is back in 1 contemporary class and 3 ballet classes and “modified” pointe work. Her teacher is helping her push to the point of pain, but not overdo it. She doesn’t feel pressure to dance in extreme pain. E knows now that dance/ballet will not be her major in college, she has made that difficult decision – she has told me that after going through numerous sprained ankles, a back injury, severe bunion pain and now this, her body is telling her that she can’t keep us the intense training that is required (and that she would put on herself). I will say at first I was “concerned” that E would get very depressed with this decision, but it actually helped her refocus on her post high school future. God has opened doors to E in her now #1 passion – animals. Since before surgery, she was able to volunteer at a local cat shelter. And she just met with a local educational farm, and was just wanting to volunteer, and ended up getting a part time job creating a volunteer program, along with helping with farm birthday parties, pony rides and other farm management tasks. I know that it’s an old adage, but because we trust God with our futures, when one door is closing, another door/opportunity comes. To Es credit, she is actively pursuing the love that she has always had for animals, but not dropping her passion for dance.  Ballet & dance is still her “thing”, but is starting to see and  accept her future  that may send her in a different direction, and she isn’t fearful but excited with a rekindled passion.


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