All Clear

Lessimg_20161223_103101 than six weeks since the surgery, and today E got the all-clear from the surgeon that she can get back to “normal” life. Since it’s vacation week coming up, as of January 2nd E will be able to go back to dance (modified), have physical therapy, and get back into dancing shape. No pointe work yet, but that is to be expected. This photo shows her true excitment about the prognosis of a full and pain-free recovery (and time to retire the annoying boot).

There is some trepidation – scar tissue, tight tendons and lack of flexibility has set in, since it’s been almost 5 months of no dancing, stuck in a cam boot and not being very active. Five months of uncertainty. Five months of waiting and wondering. Five months of telling E to be patient. Five months of praying and staying optimistic. Now the true test of Es determination and self-motivation is about to begin. But first, a break from our everyday hectic lives. Time to celebrate Christmas, family, friends and some down time.

Rehab and back-to-dance updates will be forthcoming.



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