Os Trigonum Syndrome & Posterior Infringement

Os Trigonum Syndrome & Posterior Infringement – sounds like a foreign language. But it’s not. It’s the findings of Es MRI that I insisted we get taken this week. What led up to this? From last week’s post, we thought just an ankle sprain and a flare up of tendonitis. But parents, listen to your dancer when they tell you about pain. I have learned that when your dancer gets serious with ballet, they understand pain, and can usually push through it. But after 10 days of pain, modifying classes at her summer intensive and no relief, it was time to be the mama bear and insist on an MRI. Just knowing has already given her a bit of relief. So let me educate you in what this means in non-medical terms.

A helpful visual aid

The os trigonum is a small extra bone at the back of the ankle that is present in a small proportion of people. It may be there from birth, or may develop through adolescence. Most people have no issues with this bone being there, unless they are a high-level sports person, such as a dancer. Any activity that involves repeatedly fully pointing the ankle (relevé, tendu, etc.) can irritate the soft tissues around the extra bone causing pain at the back of the ankle or a loss of range of motion when pointing the foot.

But what does this mean for E now? First, wait and breath a bit.  That may sound weird. Like most parents, we want to fix things for our kids when they don’t go as planned (especially for me, as I’m a fixer-type personality). We will be getting E “booted” on Monday but she plans on modified dancing for the final week of her ballet intensive. And breath again. We will also work on the arduous process of setting up appointments with an orthopedic foot & ankle specialist. And breath again. Her general orthopedic doctor thinks the recommendation will be one of two options: 1) immobilization and physical therapy or 2) surgery to remove the os trigonum. And breath. I don’t recommend reading too much on the internet about a medical condition – just enough to be informed, but not excessive to read all the horror stories and “what if’s”.

And breath. As I have mentioned in many previous posts, we are christians and have a strong faith in God and his Word. Much prayer (and listening to God) will be going into our decision making in this process. So lots of rest, ice, advil and ice cream will be the norm for E in the next few weeks.  Her progress and recovery…to be continued.


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