Take a Bow

Thursday dress rehearsal for our first ever outside performance.  E’s dad & I built a small platform for the dancers. The skies were blue, but the winds were blowing.  The weather forecast for Saturday was favorable for a late morning performance, with a chance of rain in the late afternoon – perfectly planned.  Well, that didn’t quite happen.  Waking up Saturday the weather forecast still had the same prediction, it was chilly for a June day in Connecticut – lower 60s.  But clouds are good for photos and beats a steamy hot summer day.  Only 2 more dances to go, and the clouds released their precipitation.  Finishing the recital inside at the church that the performance was hosted at made the ending very cozy, family-like.  What amazed me is that all the dancers, young and old, took the entire thing in stride – no stressing out, no panicking about dancing on carpet with the audience in their faces – just took it with grace and poise.

E & MG in their final Degas poses

The last dance was E’s final duet with her partner-in-crime (see my earlier post An End of an Era).  They revised their ever-first duet Portrait of Degas that they did 8 years ago, with major improvements.  As they wrap up, the entire audience stands, applauds – I look over at the other mom – and we cry – with tears of pride, sadness, change and just overall “whew” – we made it.  We all made it through a very tough year – a year of sadness, a year of injuries, a year of stretching, a year of growing and a year of change.

As MG’s mom & I were doing the last of the cleanup from our post-rectical luncheon, a moment of melancholy came over me.  But also a sense of excitement with what the next steps will be – for both of our daughters – her friend heading off to college in the fall and for E with the summer intensive in just a little over 2 weeks.

So I end with a BRAVO to all the wonderful dancers at The Dancers Studio – keep dancing all summer, and can’t wait to see dancers and parents in September.


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