Over the years, I have found some great resources for me and E during our ballet education/development.  Let me know if there are more that I should add.

Cheshire Dance Centre Es “2nd” studio for Cecchetti exams, workshops and some of her other teachers

Nutmeg Conservatory Es summer intensive home for 2016, where all the wonderful staff helped her through yet another injury.

Cecchetti USA

Magna Physical Therapy – Although we don’t love the reasons to go to PT, Dr Brian and all the staff have been wonderful to work with through the years and injuries.

The Body Series we met Deborah Vogel at the 2014 Cecchetti summer intensive and have been able to email her with all sorts of questions from bunions to back issues.  Her site is a great place to get information from a true professional in dance and injury.

Pointe Magazine just the photos are inspirational, but the articles are very informative.

Dance Studio Life this is great as a parent to read, as it gives some insight about the struggles and joys of owning a studio.

Jacob’s Pillow Dance ok, a little biased, because we have seen such incredible shows here over the past few summers, and were invited last minute to sit in on Daniel Ulbricht & NYCB principals’ warm up session.

Jenn Burdick Photography she has done past  years of Es performances  as well as other area dance studios.  You can lots of photos from the studio and other works as well.

Simsbury Community TV For the past years, Es studio’s year-end performance has been produced and broadcasted on our local community access television station at no cost.  If you haven’t watched/used your local community access tv station, I encourage you to do so.

College Confidential/Dance Majors  found a lot of good parent & dancer discussions around summer intensives and looking at the many different dance/ballet programs at colleges

If you have any “must read” websites to help other dance parents, please let me know