Surgery Is Done

Es perspective for the next 10 days

So, day 2 of recovery from the removal of the left os trigonum is underway.  Lots of icing, Netflix, snack food and cat snuggles are the orders for the next 10 days.

Surgery went well – 6am was our arrival time at CT Surgery Center.  The staff there was so accommodating and sensitive to Es apprehensiveness. I  was able to stay with her for the entire operation preparation and was there as she was coming out of the anesthesia. Now I realize that many parents deal with much worse medical conditions than we have gone through, but I never wish the feeling of helplessness that I went through as they wheeled her away to the operating room.  But within 60 minutes, the surgeon talked to me that the procedure went perfectly, and she is on the road to 100% recovery. And by 10:30am we were home and getting settled into rehab mode.

They opted to give her a nerve block in her leg, which helped the first 24 hours with pain and rest.  Now that it has worn off, the challenge of recuperating, managing the pain and no weight bearing is on her hands.  Part of her wants to really look underneath the bandages to see what her ankle looks like, but another part of her doesn’t want to know as it is probably swollen and “ugly”.

More updates will be posted as the days, weeks and months progress with her recuperation and full recovery.


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