About Me

File0634I have been pondering publishing a blog for many years.  On New Years Day 2016, my daughter (age 15) told us that she was considering following her passion for dance after high school.  At that point I regretted not blogging about life of a ballet mom from a small town and a small studio until now.  So, here we go on this path together.

A brief synopsis of our background:  My daugher “E”, has been dancing with the same teacher since she was age 3 starting out with the town’s park & rec tiny tots ballet class.  She followed her teacher to anywhere and everywhere, loving her classical teaching and small class sizes.  She went from the musty town building, to the studios of a private all-girls high school, where her teacher was working and was allowed to have a non-student class in the evenings.  Her teacher also had a small one-room studio about 30 minutes away. After a big health issue that sent E to other studio for 6 months, and then losing her lease, her teacher opened up her newest small 1-room studio in town.

E’s dad & I own & operate a hardware store in our hometown, which coincidentally is in the same building as her dance studio.  I am not a stay at home, far from it.  With owning our own business, I do have the freedom to be the mom-taxi and the flexibility in my schedule, with a big thanks to my husband. We’ve been married for over 25 years.  We have a son, T, who is in college at University of Connecticut, majoring in civil engineering. Our faith in the Lord, our church and our friends are our biggest confidants and sounding boards.



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