Counting the Days

E waiting for her pre-op physical

T minus  12 days and counting until ankle surgery is upon E.  The emotions are running like a herd of wildebeests – anxious, relieved, inpatient, nervous, apprehensive, trying to stay focused on school, business and keeping life “normal” as much as possible for the next 12 days.

She will be out of school for 10 days (much to her delight). Some have asked about her recovery.  To prepare, she is getting Netflix queued up, snack food stocked up and pain meds ordered up. Non-weight bearing, constant icing and Vicodin are her orders for 2 weeks post-op.  Everyone thus far have been so encouraging – from the doctors’ staff keeping her calm while discussing the procedure, to friends offering their support, even her big brother is coming home and planning a Thanksgiving week of video games, fro-yo runs and just all around sibling “chillaxing”.

We have had several friends ask for continued progress reports, so my blog entries will hopefully suffice in answering questions and keeping everyone up to date. We have followed blogs of several other athletes who had this procedure done and my desire is that this will help any future dancer (and parent) get through injury/surgery.


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