Decision Made

E waiting (again) in a doctor’s office

Last week, E and I went to her orthopedic specialist, and the decision has been made to go ahead with surgery to remove the os trigonum bone in about a month.  I asked her how she felt about this decision ~ anxious about the surgery, glad to have an end in sight with the pain and no-dance orders, wondering what will happen during and after surgery (she’s never had surgery, nor been in a hospital since she was born).

We already have a great support in place for afterwards – it will be happening the week before Thanksgiving, so her high school will work with her on being out for 2 weeks. Netflix is all queued up with a lot of shows and movies that have been on her list to binge watch. Our church is praying & praising for a speedy, pain-free recovery.  Her physical therapist told us “she will be fine and I will get her back to dancing in no time.  A great Christmas gift.”

So, what does that mean for mom – lots of phone calls to coordinate schedules, insurance, etc.  Making sure E stays calm, focused and optimistic. Being her cheerleader in a different sense than ever, with getting her body, mind & spirit ready for this unknown, and keeping her motivated to balance patience, faith and wisdom through this all.

More will be posted as we count down to S day (surgery day).


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