What’s Next?

I feel like I’ve been remiss in blogging recently – partly due to very little updates on E’s injury progress, and partly not wanting to post what’s next in her dance journey.  It’s been over 8 weeks in the walking boot for E.  A cortisone shot and back to physical therapy happened around week 6, but the pain is back as it always was.  So, a call to the orthopedist to discuss the details of surgery is the next step.  Now I realize that many parents deal with much more life & death decisions regarding their child’s medical health – but this is our biggest deal yet with either of our kids.

Also this week, much to our sadness, we have been notified that Es dance teacher of over 13 years is closing her studio immediately due to very understandable family obligations in another state. So this leaves questions unanswered to what’s next after surgery, to whom and where does she go for dance rehab? (We have a great place for physical therapy that works with dancers and athletes.) Does she even now want to consider dance in college having all these issues and injuries as such a young age? (see past posts on her back injury/scoliosis and this on-ongoing ankle saga).

So what is next for E?  As a mom, I wish I could just make Es life go easy and care-free (and injury-free).  But I also want E to learn how to deal with difficult life decisions and not stress about all the what’s next and what-ifs that are swirling around both of our minds.  But first I need to deal with it. As I sit typing , my eyes misty with these unknowns, wondering if I will ever see my ballerina dance again.  That may seem over-dramatic to some, but knowing E and the challenges her body has already put her through, the demand of school for an honors student and with the closing of her home studio, there are a lot of questions that will be unanswered.

Our saga will be continued…


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