That’s a Wrap

E in technique class at Nutmeg

4 weeks, many physical therapy appointments, hundreds of miles driving to Nutmeg 2 times a day, 6 days a week, one x-ray, one MRI, a new insight to Es ongoing ankle issues and two performances of Swan Lake dances. This year’s 4 week summer intensive at Nutmeg Ballet is in the history books. Many things, good and bad, came out of it. Es first experience with partnering was fabulous, albeit cut short. She realized just how incredible her teacher & mentor has trained her to step into any ballet class. She learned how to not dance yet still get a lot out of a class. She pushed herself through the ankle pain and rehearsed on pointe and performed all during the last week of her intensive. She also gained so much knowledge, experience and exposure to the ballet world. And that she still loves to dance despite the setback of her ankle situation.

As I sat through the first performance, I found myself holding my breath, watching her dance intently. She didn’t show a second of pain, although I knew what she was pushing herself through. When did E grow up so fast? She handled this injury with grace and maturity. Daily, she would get herself ready, dressed for classes, hair in a bun, not needing Mom for anything but a ride (and morning runs through Dunkin Donuts drive through). I would start asking her, “Do you have…” and I would always get, “I got this, Mom, you don’t need to ask me.” I would wait sometimes patiently during the day to get a text from her to see how her ankle was holding up, and I would get the one word reply, “eh”. I would remind her to ice and advil, with the response, “already done”. Being a ballet mom of a maturing young person is hard. Hard to let go, hard to see my kid in pain and not able to really do anything to help, hard to not being the go-to person, hard to “strongly” suggest for her not to dance yet having to let her make decisions for herself.

So next steps? Lots and lots of sleep. Trying to keep E wearing her stylish “boot”. Specialist appointment this week to get the game plan for Es ankle. And knowing her, she will get antsy and probably start working out in some modified way within the next 2 weeks. I don’t think os trigonum syndrome will be keeping E down for very long.


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