Third Time The Charm?

imageAnother waiting game for mom, a room full of chatty moms, more than usual. The Nutmeg Ballet auditions are a little different than our other 2: they have summer intensives for ages 10-14 and 14-21. A lot of younger applicants are here, and a lot more parent cliques, and more dads, which is nice to see.

So what’s really driving me to blog today is dealing with disappointment: as a mom and a parent of a dancer. E didn’t get into Walnut Hill nor Boston Ballet summer intensives, which wasn’t that surprising. But E was still disappointed. With all of E’s injuries, from sprained ankles and strained shoulders, being her biggest cheerleader and support has been my #1 job, I feel. When she comes home from a class where she feel like she did every combination wrong, or everyone else can turn better or lift their legs higher, my job is to let her know that everyone, no matter the age, has bad days. Our faith in God and His Word has gotten our entire family through some very dark and serious times, and E’s dad & I have strived to teach both of our children that same faith & trust. When things don’t go as we think they should, its easy to blame someone else.  Hindsight has shown that when things go wrong, it sometimes meant that we weren’t supposed to take that path we thought was right. Other times, we made a bad choice, or that we weren’t prepared for the challenge. I am not saying God sends sickness or death to teach us, no! But I won’t get into a theological debate here.

So what makes me write these words? As a parent I never want my child to go through hurt, emotional or physical. But as an adult, we have to learn to deal with that hurt, learn from it and be a better person despite it. As a dancer, there will be others that are better, that’s reality. But there will be others that need your wisdom, experience and guidance. And of most importance, each person need to be their own. Yes, it’s great to have mentors and those you look up to, but each person has their own gifts, knowledge and experience, and that is what makes you unique and special. E may or may not go on to dance after high school, that’s 2+ years away. But what she does in the next 2 years will shape her in college and the years thereafter. So as a parent, help your dancer focus on their strengths and abilities, and not on their weaknesses.


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