Our daily afternoon routine (almost)

I sometimes chuckle when I look from the outside in on my almost daily routine with E on dance class days. I rush from our store to pick up Erin from the bus that brings her to the junior high. (I try to avoid the horrible high school traffic.) In 25 minutes she gets changed, has a bite to eat, get her hair in a perfect bun and then we rush down to the studio. She is there anywhere between two and four hours on a weekday. Then it’s closing time at our store and usually end of class(es) for E. A quick discussion about what to have for dinner. Then hitting the books with at least 2 hours of home work. Wednesdays is tricky as we have our mid-week church service added into the mix, where we have to rush home, change, grab food to go and get over 4 towns away, because if the church is alive, it’s worth the drive.

E teaching a class

On some days, E’s teacher asks her to teach some of the later classes. It’s such an incredible thing to see your daughter being an inspiration to younger dancers. She rarely complains about it, despite the piles of homework awaiting her. This year, her teacher has asked her to teach a four year old class all by herself. She has student taught in the past two years but never having a complete class on her own. Then after Thanksgiving they were some serious family issues that her teacher had to take care of out of town so for several weeks E was the one and only steady teacher at the studio through Christmas time. I don’t share this to brag about her, but I just want to show parents that it’s important to push your ballerina past his/her comfort zone because they will grow not only as a dancer but as a person as well, especially when they don’t want to do something but you know they can.

I know I have become a bit lax about her house chores, especially her clothes cluttered room. But with such little down time, I just shrug my shoulders and close her bedroom door.


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