Up ’til now

Where do I start…I guess it’s important to tell you about what got me to this point.  First of all, I am not a Dance Mom, I am a Ballet Mom.  Big difference in my opinion.  Also, no – my daughter does not compete, she has never danced in The Nutcracker, nor does she have the ugliest feet from dancing for the past 5 years in pointe shoes.  We live in suburb of Hartford, Connecticut, population of about 22,000. For now, I am not going to give too much personal information, but if you dig enough online, you can probably figure out who we are.

“E” with her teacher Wendy (2005)

She was the cutest little dancer at age 3, flitting all around in her pink leotard & tights after every ballet class.  I never imagined her, at age 15, taking ballet so seriously, where she schedules her life around classes, where she opted to not participate in many after school groups because “I have ballet class at 3pm”, where she only picks out her downfalls as a dancer, where I see so much beauty and grace.  She doesn’t have the biggest leap or the highest grand battement, but what I and her teacher/mentor have encouraged to look at is her artistry and genuine love for ballet.

In the next few blogs, I will talk about the stages that “E” and I have gone through in her ballet life.  I don’t want to ignore the importance of ballet dads – dads are their daughters heros, biggest admirers and loudest “bravo”-ers in the audience.  But there is (or should be) a special bond between mom & daughter, and I think even more so when you have a teenage daughter.

I want to share photos and stories from a mom’s point of view, to hopefully help encourage, educate and listen to other parents of young ballerinas.  I am not a writer nor a former dancer, far from it.  But I am a mom who has taken an involved part of both of her children’s lives, to helping with vocab tests, to converting our seldom used dining room into a small ballet studio.  You may not always agree with me, that’s fine. I have done what I feel is best for my family, and no 2 families are the same.


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